Swimming Pools

We specialize in planning, design and construction of all kind of pools, kids pool and Jacuzzi of any shape and size with special features and effects for commercial as well as residential complexes, shopping malls, health clubs and private villas. Just tell us your ideas. With our professionally qualified design team and highly adaptable manufacturing techniques we can create Pools of any imaginable shape, size, finish and effects.

Pools Standard Specification

  • Construction out of block work, quick setting gunite with fiber and water proofing
  • Special ceramic tiles lining with borders to client’s choice Electric shock proof lighting standard or optic fiber type.
    • Temperature control for water
    • Water treatment plants
    • Warranty against pool leaks and equipment’s
    • Low running cost in terms of power and water consumption
    • Minimum maintenance and long life


Proper maintenance is as important as planning and construction of a new pool. As a pool owner you want to protect your pool investments, as well as health of family and friends using your pool. In order to fully enjoy your pool, you must take steps to keep it free from bacteria and other debris. A pool is very simple to operate and maintain, but it can become a very expensive problem if not given reasonable care. Our pool care operation gives you all what you need to keep your pool as new as before.