Outdoor Lighting can be nearly as important to the overall look and feel of your home as the landscaping itself, so you shouldn’t short-change yourself by skimping on quality lighting products.

At AQUAVERDE, we provide the Low voltage lighting. It is a very economical but aesthetically pleasing way to illuminate those walkway entrances, outline driveways, decorate patios, decks, flowerbeds, trees, walls and any water features such as fountains or ponds. Your home will have a welcoming glow when the sun goes down.

Low voltage bulbs, which are smaller and more environmentally friendly than typical bulbs, have a larger cross-sectional area, which creates sort of a dot-shaped point of light – the light goes only where you want it to go. Basically, that makes these bulbs ideal as display and accent lighting. The low-voltage bulbs are small, unobtrusive and designed for various effects so they will blend into the landscape. And there are various degrees of dimness at which you can set the lighting. People often work long hours and don’t get home until its dark outside. And what about all those outdoor dinner or cocktail parties that take place at dusk? Don’t you want to be able to show off your beautiful landscaping or waterscaping at night? The right accent lighting can bring your yard to life at night, not to mention help your guests see where they’re going. And this lighting also is a good extra security fixture for those spots your main lights might be missing.

Of course we also offer various types of underwater lighting for your pool, pond, waterfalls, water gardens or fountains. You could have this type of lightning installed with multiple settings, so the “mood- of your lighting can change depending on the event. There is nothing more relaxing or serene than sitting in your backyard on a starry night with your surrounding having the perfect lighting. At AQUAVERDE, we will provide an initial free estimate at your home or business to go overall of your lighting needs.