AQUAVERDE approach to hardscape design is simple. We develop site-specific details that are innovative, appropriate, compatible and memorable. Whether through subtle changes in a paving design or the strong and bold use of three-dimensional elements, we consider hard landscape elements an opportunity to give every site a presence and sense of place that will make it unique.

We work a broad spectrum of materials from the natural – Such as stone and wood – through to brick and concrete block. With each we aim for harmony and an appropriate solution that relates to the buildings and surrounding.

Selecting colors, textures, and materials is half the enjoyment of creating a landscape.

When using plants, wood, masonry, and other readily available materials, the possibilities are endless.

AQUAVERDE is dedicated to help you in this process. Our people are trained and experienced with the characteristics of construction materials wood, stone, concrete, brick and other substances and can confidently select one or another based on appearance, suitability, and cost.

Our expert crew can effectively place and construct every design to its true perspective meeting all technical, artistic and functional requirements the way it pleases the customer. It is our commitment that we deliver you the project the way you want and the best way it can be.