About Us

We at AQUAVERDE know that the secret to success is good design, quality materials, and never ending attention to detail. Established in 2006, we draw our expertise from the combined experience of all our skilled team of designers and landscapers.

We specialize in the integration of beautiful and functional swimming pools, artificial lakes, lagoons, jet fountains, pergolas, gazebos, car shades and complete soft & hard landscaping & irrigation solutions for projects ranging from small quality to boutique style resort properties.

AQUAVERDE brings together all aspects of pools and landscaping, from design and specifications, maintenance to the total construction of any size projects. Our skilled team builds everything.

We have built a great reputation in Dubai by emphasizing on the appreciation of the overall project including the connection between the building, pool and landscaping. Each Design reflects the unique character of the client, the site and the budget.

The basic philosophy of the company is to give the customer the ability to get exactly what he wants and total control of purchasing our complete package.

Why Choose Us

With our partners we can provide the turnkey solution for your properties

Mission of Statement

To become one of the leaders in turnkey construction of Landscaping & Water Features

We execute to highest standards of quality & within the prescribed
time frame

We Provide Clients with the most aesthetical forms of soft & hard Landscaping, Irrigation, Water features, swimming pools, artificial lakes & fountains.

We ensure peace of mind for our clients by providing after-sale services and maintenance.